Flyer Distribution – what works?

Flyer distribution – the way you distribute your flyer is as important as what it says!

Traditional methods of flyer distribution are limited and often result in large volumes of your carefully designed and printed leaflets or flyers being disposed of very quickly – even before any content is read.

Door to door distribution in residential and commercial towers is now extremely limited across the city. Building management are acutely aware that their residents get increasingly irritated by piles of litter on their door mat that they have to deal with either as they are rushing out of the apartment or returning after a long day. The literature gathers dust quickly and is often lifted straight off the floor and thrown straight down the rubbish chute.

Reception drops are a more common sight but still, whilst some business owners will feel that they are reaching their target audience in this way, the reality is that the small neat piles of brochures and flyers left on a reception desk/coffee table quickly become a messy pile with all different material mixed up – your brand disappears and soon after, sometimes only a very short while, housekeeping will clear the whole lot away.

InfoPod has come up with the solution with a fully managed display unit installed in these properties. Your material is placed neatly in a dedicated pocket on the InfoPod in locations you choose for a duration time also of your choosing. Every day one of the InfoPod team will clean and resupply the InfoPod thereby ensuring that your promotional material is always easily accessible and in good supply for potential customers to take. We support a whole range of businesses from restaurants, salons and spas to events, retailers and more. 

Flyer distribution done professionally with no waste!

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